Personal EEG Devices, The Big Picture

There has been a surge of activity in investments worldwide to developing Brian

Computer Interface Technology. Some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley and the

Tech world are drumming up cash in the race for BCI. Not to mention the U.S.

Government. I see Personal EEG Devices as doing the ground work, making each

DIY EEG enthusiast a real contributor to bringing the human race to the next level. If

we are going to compete with AI, we will need to assimilate into it using BCI….

Fake EEG Signal Concerns by Heckler about Muse Headband and Emotiv

Cody Rall MD is verbally attacked by a heckler in the woods that is worried about the

EEG signal in Muse and Emotiv Personal EEG Devices. Don’t worry!! We sit down to

discuss research that supports the EEG signal in these devices and even suggests

they are comparable to machines that cost up to 50x more! Big implications for

neurofeedback and research! Krigolson et. al. Paper Link:

How to use Personal EEG Devices in the clinic (Muse from Interaxon) 

New Sunglasses EEG Device from Muse!

Muse Head Researcher Interview

Muse shows me their new device!! Today we are talking with Dr. Graeme Moffat, head researcher with the Muse Headband. We talked about the huge progress in personal EEG Devices in the past 10 years, a new EEG device in Sunglasses that Muse (Interaxon) is working on, and the future of brainwave technology and research.

How personal eeg devices work

Hey it's Dr. Rall with Techforpsych here. Today we are looking into Personal EEG Devices and how they work. Dry polymer sensors, Circuits sensitive to brainwaves and amplifier chips that turn your brainwaves into valuable data. Find more at :)

What Personal EEG Devices Measure

Hey it's Dr. Cody Rall with Techforpsych here. In this video we are taking a look at what Personal EEG Devices measure. Stay tuned for a nice breakdown of how brainwaves are translated to digestible information that you can use to run your very own experiments.

What Different Brainwaves of Personal EEG Devices Mean

We've heard of them all before. Alpha Beta Delta Gamma Theta... But what do they all mean? Stay tuned for some brainwave context on this episode of Techforpsych

Map your own brain with Muse Tutorial Part 1

In this episode of Techforpsych we look at the Muse headband from Interaxon. Watch for a brief tutorial on how to use the headband for biofeedback meditation. Part 2 will go further into looking at raw EEG data and analyzing it with EEG lab.

Map Your own brain with Muse Tutorial Part 2

In this tutorial we link the muse headset to our computer, record data with Muse Lab, then use EEG lab to map the data on 2D and 3D head models

Personal EEG Device Home Experiment Alpha Wave Blocking

Want to see if your personal EEG device captures real brain waves? Try this experiment! Learn how to record your brainwaves with eyes open and eyes closed. Then check for alpha wave spikes to confirm real brainwaves :)

Personal EEG devices(Neurosky, Muse, Emotiv)

Personal EEG devices are riding the biofeedback wave this year. Companies like Neurosky, Muse and Emotiv are leaders in this developing marketplace. How can this relate to the everyday consumer? Stay tuned for another episode of techforpsych. Neurosky: (affiliate link)