How to Avoid Daily Drama; The Space of Variations

Like it or not, the winds of conflict will undoubtedly visit you soon. How do you protect yourself from daily conflict that wears down the mind and body? Here I speak about broadening horizons, keeping a wide perspective, and focusing on positive endeavors. I touch on content from Terrance McKenna (author of food of the gods) and Vadim Zeland (author of Reality Transurfing). This one is a little in left field, hope you enjoy!

What is the best time to meditate? The details may surprise you

Cody Rall MD here with Techforpsych. What is the best time to meditate? In my opinion, if you had only one time of day to choose for meditation it would be ...... tune in to find out!!! :) We will discuss the biological, psychological and social aspects of meditation.

You're Getting Left Behind If You Don't Read This Author

Steven Kotler. He's written at least three books that have changed my perception in what is going on with Mankind and where we are going. With an entertaining writing style that twists and turns through scenes of Navy Seals, Silicon Valley CEO's and beyond, it's a must. I don't do book recommendations like this often, but Stealing Fire is a must read if you want to know where Techforpsych is headed. Enjoy!

Feeding Wild Alaskan Eagles While Flying a Drone and Other Adventures

It was an awesome summer trip up to Montana and Alaska. Managed to film some Techforpsych videos and get a lot of great drone footage. I decided to make a montage of clips to share. The Techforpsych videos featured in this film short will be coming out over the next several weeks. Enjoy!

What is Stanford Brainstorm?

Stanford Brainstorm is the world's first academic laboratory dedicated to transforming brain health through entrepreneurship. Based at Stanford and launched by a founding team of physicians from across the country, we apply the biopsychosocial model of disease to tackle problems on the systems level. We unite the worlds of medicine, business, and technology to foster innovative ventures that optimize health and human potential.

The human connectome project

The Human Connectome Project just had a press release. The group has done some amazing things already... they can identify an individual with 99% accuracy with their connectome and even make predictions about their cognitive abilities. Check out for more!

How your Diet affects your vibrational frequency 

From hunting big game animals in Alaska to competing in bodybuilding competitions to becoming a practicing physician, my views on food have changed and developed over time. Several key concepts include lean protein from healthy sources, complex carbohydrates, and lots of vegetables for their vitamins and nutrients that protect the body from oxidative damage.

Quantum Biology and our place in the Universe 

Quantum physics used to be just a problem for the physicists. But now its effects have crossed over into our understanding of biology on the subatomic scale. What does this mean for our everyday lives and how we interact with the universe?

Maslow's Hierarchy and the ghost in the machine

Take a look at Maslow's Hierarchy and consider the Ghost in the Machine. There are powerful forces behind our actions. Depths of the subconscious that we do not understand.

Harnessing a Manic State

We all have states of mind that we aspire to. How do we tap into that mind-space where we feel creative, enthused and powerful? A full-blown state of Mania can be a psychiatric disorder, however there are attributes of it that we can apply to our lives.


We live in a world of change. Let us use technology to understand the brain and reach the next stage of human development

How to innovate; Use the greatest strength of Homo Sapiens Cody Rall MD with Techforpsych Around 200,000 years ago, anatomically modern humans called Homo sapiens arose from eastern Africa. This relatively small population swept the entire globe, out competed other hominid species, and represents the ancestors of every person alive today. Why was this population so effective in survival?

Fear Circuitry; What I learned from Bodybuilding

Hello all you faithful techforpsychers. Today's video is on fear circuitry in the brain and how you can use past hurtful experiences to create emotional leverage. Be sure to look for more at

Avoid a common brain mistake (20th century programing)

Avoid a common brain mistake! We have all been raised on 20th century programming. Good television and movies can certainly inspire you to new heights. I just get worried that they set people up for failure. This video explains how to be weary of tricks that your brain may play on you and keep you from success.

Why your brain locks up around intimidating people

Why do you become lost for words and clumsy around intimidating people? The answer can be found in the brain. This episode of techforpsych looks at the effect of social status on the brain and what you can do to take advantage of its effects. Look for more on

How to gain confidence through faith: How youR beliefs may be holding you back

The winner effect: create your own unfair biological advantage 

Harness the Winner Effect. Use your knowledge of biology to gain an unfair advantage in your pursuits. Check out for the full post. 1. Saliva samples from stock traders showed increased amounts of testosterone, depending on how much money was made in a day. A perceived "win" increases Testosterone levels.

Gain confidence: Intrinsic Motivation Biomarkers

Let's get underway with the first theme of Project Napoleon. Napoleon Hill stated that desire is the starting point of all achievement. Where does this intangible come from? Can we use brain scans to understand desire and motivation better? Stay tuned for practical tips on tapping into desire in your own life and understand the future of biomarker technology.

Self Esteem: The Neuroscience of Ego

Moving right along with concepts of Project Napoleon, we explore intelligence beliefs. Is intelligence only inherited, or is it a skill that can be developed? The answer may determine whether you are a success or failure.

Flow state through Default Mode Network (Flowstate/DMN Part 2) 

Hello friends! This is the second video of a two part series on attaining flow state through an understanding of the default mode network. Be present, generate endogenous happiness, and make people around you feel good. Develop that extrovert side that will make you an attractive person.

Flow state through Default Mode Network (Flowstate/DMN Part 1) 

Good day to you fellow happy psychonauts! What if a neuroscience concept helped you to generate endogenous happiness all-day-long? This is the first of a two part series filmed in Miami, Florida. I speak about hitting your "flowstate" through passion, meditation, and understanding a new neuroscience finding called the Default Mode Network.

Be Productive (Through Neurobiology) 

Let's talk momentum. Why are you a rockstar some days, and a lazy waste of space the next? ( ( It has to do with the momentum you carry throughout the day. Learn the neuroscience behind momentum and be able to harness your productive and creative drive on a more consistent basis.

Becoming human through manipulating space and time (Alfred Korzbski)

Cody Rall here, broadcasting from the frozen north to bring you a muse on becoming human throughout the philosophy of Alfred Korzybski and how it translates to individual success. Some eighty thousand years ago, a bipedal hominid managed to migrate out of the east african sahara to cover the globe, despite living in sub-zero temperatures without protective insulation.

Fractal Brain (Fractal Brain Circuit loops with cody rall MD)

Hey Cody Rall here with New Mavericks. In order to understand ourselves, we must understand the natural world. Recent advances in physics have revealed repeating patterns in geometrical space. In this talk, I look into the exciting world of fractals and see how we can apply fractal theory to our everyday lives.

The Map is not the Territory (How to develop skill) 

"The Map is Not the Territory" www.newmavericks.comI In my last talk we discussed the responsibility of a New Maverick to be an avid reader; to pull from the wisdom of the species to enhance our understanding of the world. This week we acknowledge the uselessness of knowledge without action and skill building.