Brain Profiler with Dr. Avi Peled

Dr. Avi Peled wants to rewrite the textbooks of Mental Healthcare. He has been studying computational neuroscience and computational psychiatry for over a decade and feels that the time for changing the way we diagnose and treat mental illness is near.

Microsoft Kinect with Dr. Calvin Yang

Dr. Calvin Yang wants to use the Microsoft Kinect to do mental status examinations during clinical visits. He feels that this will reduce charting time and improve examination metrics. Dr. Yang was awarded $20,000 in Google cloud credits for his initiative which won the Psychiatry Innovation Lab Technology award, sponsored by Google.

Preventing Domestic Violence with Team Safe Hear

Team Safe Hear wants a solution to domestic violence. They propose using a hands free smart phone application that detects domestic violence through sound, followed by an alert and intervention.

PILL-EZ wants to design a smart pill dispenser 

Pill EZ was formed by medical students Ashmeer Chima, Shanekkia Black, and Ruwaydah Hasan from Morehouse School of Medicine. The group plans on designing a smart-pill dispenser that would not only remind a patient to take their medication, but also educate them on what they are taking.

Online CBT Program with Dr. Jeff Clark 

Jeff Clark is a resident at the University of Washington School of Medicine. He took home the Grand Prize Award for best overall venture at the Psychiatry Innovation Lab for his project called Slumber Camp, an online CBTI program. Stay tuned for his pitch and a candid interview to learn more.

Hope Assist with Dr. Irfan

Mindset app with Ravi Chacko 

Ravi Chacko is a researcher and MD PHD Candidate at Washington University in St. Louis. He and his partner have designed a mental health therapy app that interfaces with the Mio Heart Rate Monitor. I also asked Ravi about his research with brainwaves, autonomic nervous system, and other areas related to neuroscience.

We Embrace with Ellen Oh

Today on Techforpsych we sit down with Ellen Oh, a designer from New York City who is developing an app called 'We Embrace' for foreign speaking pscyhiatry patients to improve communication with their physician. She has lots of interesting insights towards product design, development and entrepreneurship .

Machine Learning with Dr. Kammarauche Asuzu and Mackenzie Drazan

Dr. Kammarauche Asuzu and Mackenzie Drazan from Duke want to use Machine Learning to reduce emergency room visits of mental health patients

My Bivy/ Nightware with Tyler Skluzacek 

Tyler Skluzacek made a big splash in 2015 when the news media caught wind of his PTSD wearable in development to prevent traumatic nightmares. Tyler and I share the story of where we met at a hackathon in DC to brainstorm for the PTSD wearable and where he took it from there.

Alzheimer's Disease Navigation App with Alzhelp

Today on Techforpsych we sit down with Alzhelp (Akanksha, Michelle, and Priscilla) who met through a clinical neuroscience internship program at Stanford.They are designing an app for Alzheimer's patients to assist with navigation resources and caretaker safety. Alzhelp went on to win the Impact prize in the Psychiatry Innovation Lab.

Opioid Overdose Recovery Bracelet with Dr. Joseph Insler 

Today on Techforpsych we sit down with Dr. Joseph Insler, an addiction psychiatrist from Boston who is developing a wearable capable of delivering life-saving medicine to a patient in the event of a drug overdose. Dr. Insler went on to win the grand prize in the Psychiatry Innovation Lab.

Analyzing speech patterns with Jim Schwoebel from Neurolex Diagnostics 

Today on Techforpsych Interview series I speak with Jim Schwoebel who is developing technology that can assist health care workers to make various diagnoses. Jim won the 2016 psychiatry innovation lab for his ideas and plans to put the cash prize back into the company to further advance his cause.

Neurotechnology accelerator program (Neurolaunch) with Dr. Jordan Amadio 

Cody Rall with Techforpsych interviews Jordan Amadio about Neurolaunch, the first neurotechnology accelerator program Be sure to support for the Brain Games!

Neuroscience secrets from DJ master Enea 'Playin'Fields'

Cody Rall with Techforpsych interviews Enea 'Playin'Fields' to reveal neuroscience concepts that have made him successful in the music industry. Tune in for pearls of wisdom and check out the Cody Rall MD Youtube channel for more.